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Alauna Redfern

Alauna Redfern, Bookkeeper

After attending Kent State University, Alauna started working for a local firm in 1976 where she honed her skills with debits and credits and has enjoyed making the books balance ever since. "Bookkeeping is the one area in life where there must be balance which is why I made it a career."

Alauna's bookkeeping experience covers a wide variety of industries including not for profit organizations, retail, service and professional organizations. Her of expertise is maintaining the accounting records to be "CPA ready" for all financial and tax needs.

Begin part of an outsourced accounting team is especially gratifying to Alauna due to the variety of clients and the diversification of the businesses; each is unique with specific accounting needs making each job interesting and challenging.

A life long resident of the area, Alauna lives in Cuyahoga Falls near her son and grandson.